John Legend  don’t eff with Trump, at all!  John was quite open regarding is feelings towards 45, and that didn’t change when he was asked about the president on the Time 100 Gala.  Watch what Legend said in the tweet below. WOW!  Tell us how you really feel, John!  LOL I’m right with you, though.  


A C-SPAN survey of 91 presidential historians ranked Obama as the 12th best U.S. president ever.

Our 44th President Barack Obama has embodied change & strong advancement of our country during his two terms. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Before Obama leaves office, we had to acknowledge & highlight some of his greatest accomplishments as our country’s leader over the years. 44. Rescued the economy from the great recession 43. […]

Check out these ten reasons why we'll always be thankful for the flyest FLOTUS ever, Michelle Obama.

Twitter has been dragging Oprah Winfrey for her comments about President elect Donald Trump. On Thursday (November 10th), she tweeted out a pic of Trump and President Obama, along with the caption, “Everybody take a deep breath! #HopeLives!” She also told Entertainment Tonight, [“I just saw President Elect Trump with President Obama in the White […]

According the ABC13 and the AP, Russian President Vladimir Putin is giving a thumbs-up to president-elect Donald Trump’s victory. In a brief statement Wednesday, the Kremlin said Putin has sent Trump a telegram to congratulate him on winning. Putin expressed “his hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state.” Putin also […]


Sean “Diddy” Combs was heavily involved with the 2004 Rock The Vote movement and has urged young people to get involved in the political process for decades. Recently while making the rounds promoting his new charter school in Harlem, the music mogul was critical of President Barack Obama. During an interview on MSNBC’s Politics Nation, […]

THE ULTIMATE FIRST DATE   Every girl in the world wishes that her knight in shining armor could be half as talented as Steph Curry, as good looking and successful as Will Smith, as ingeniously business savvy as a Jay Z or the ultimate…  the leader of the free world –President Barack Obama! But the one thing we […]

Here's the scoop on everything you need to know on what the president is up to this week.

President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address tonight (January 12th). According to a White House spokesman, POTUS will give an optimistic speech focused on themes he believes Democratic candidates can embrace in their campaigns to win the White House after him and get back control of Congress. He also plans to speak […]

Trump’s statement that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States “disqualifies” him from being president, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said during today’s press conference. Every president must take an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the U.S. Constitution, therefore Earnest says Trump would not qualify. Donald Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown […]

Bush 41 openly talked about how he felt Cheney was pre-occupied with building "his own empire" while Rumsfeld was too dismissive of other's ideas.