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If you have a tough marriage there’s a good chance it’s taking a toll on your health. According to Men’s Health,

In a study spanning two decades, Northwestern University leaders had married couples come into a lab every five years to rehash their common disagreements in front of a camera. They discovered that 80 percent of men who tended to get angry during disputes had developed cardiovascular symptoms like chest pain, heart racing, and shortness of breath by the end of the study, while just 53 percent of those who remained calm had the same problems. Also, nearly 50 percent of men who shut down emotionally during arguments developed more musculoskeletal symptoms such as muscle tension and back pain, compared to just 23 percent of the men who remained emotionally open. To change your fighting habits before they hurt your body, experts say you should take a walk when you feel yourself getting heated as it will interrupt your usual shouting or shutting-down reactions and allow you to calm down so you can talk it out rationally when you return.

Dang!  Who knew that arguing with your spouse could cause such health issues?

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