We Can All Succeed After doing my “Sunday Morning Live” program this week, I reflected on some of the dialogue with my call-in guests. I concluded that far too many people believe that there is a limited number of opportunities to succeed in life. They believe that abundance and wealth are limited, also. Even worse, […]


As of this past Saturday, those hours upon hours of playing your favorite video game(s) is now being considered a disease by the World Health Organization. One of the most striking additions to the International Classification of Diseases was video game addiction or “gaming disorder” under the category of “disorders due to addictive behavior.” The […]

Here’s a list of 20 health tips everyone should know. Check it out!  

Who you marry is very important for you happiness, and a new study finds it also has a big impact on your health.  According to The Guardian, Researchers from the Universities of Nevada and Michigan monitored 373 heterosexual couples for the first 16 years of marriage to see whether disagreeing over multiple topics had negative […]

This flu season is on record as being one of the worst in recent memory and worst since the 2009 swine flu pandemic. During the week of February 3, the flu resulted in deaths of another 10 children. The total of deaths during this flu season now sits at an alarming 63. According to a […]

  We see you Mo’Nique! Over the last few years Mo’Nique has been focusing on her health and the hard work is paying off. She showed off her 100-pound weight loss on the beach with her other 40 and fabulous friends.   Mo’Nique has been hitting the gym and her workouts extra hard. Check out […]

If you have a tough marriage there’s a good chance it’s taking a toll on your health. According to Men’s Health, In a study spanning two decades, Northwestern University leaders had married couples come into a lab every five years to rehash their common disagreements in front of a camera. They discovered that 80 percent […]

The unofficial start of summer is here and the siren song of public pools are singing. Well, maybe we shouldn’t answer. According to a a recent study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 80% of public swimming pools had health and safety violations. The study combed through data from 84,187 inspections of […]

Most people have heard that drinking a glass of red wine each day can have health benefits, and now a new study says having a beer a day does the body good as well. According to The Daily Mail, Researchers from the IRCCS Mediterranean Neurological Institute reviewed 150 studies and found that drinking 1.4 pints, […]

Below is a reference guide for high blood pressure. Consult the links below for more information about high blood pressure and remember to consult your doctor to determine the best way to lower your blood pressure. Here are some helpful links to learn more about high blood pressure and how to prevent and treat it. […]