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If you can adventure with your partner and keep the peace that’s great, but an expert says if you can sit and do nothing with your partner comfortably you’re truly happy.  According to Women’s Health,

Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., author or the couples’ book, Why Can’t You Read My Mind, explains, “Couples who fear slowing down don’t have the ability to be as mindful and appreciative of being in the moment as those who are open to going at a slower speed.” He says that people brought up in families with a lot of emotional chaos, or emotional distance or neglect may prefer to keep up a frantic flurry of activity to avoid falling back into unhealthy family patterns. Sometimes, keeping so busy can mask relationship issues as well. Berstein concludes, “An authentic relationship is truly the most healthy kind of relationship. Couples that make it have the courage to talk about what works and does not work.”

I can totally believe that.  Me and the young woman I’m dealing with will just chill and do nothing and we’re so content.

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