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Tamar Braxton is moving on from The Real, in the most non-moving on way.

Once again the singer and former talk show host was addressing comments, by firing out subtweets in response to a Loni Love interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show and a Tamera Mowry-Housley’s Twitter chat.

First up was Love, who is currently traveling and promoting her comedy tour.

When asked about what went down with Braxton, Love responded, “It’s totally different for all of us, because we were such a good unit. And it shocked us. Nobody knew about it. It was nobody’s fault. It’s just something that happens in business. And I want the fans to understand that. Because a lot of people are confused about what happened. We don’t know.”

Adding, “But I do know there’s been a lot of abuse toward my co-hosts and I want to make that known that we need to stop that. My girls, they’re good girls. And the only reason I speak out is because I’m on tour. I’m the only one that’s doing press. So that’s the reason why I’m speaking out on it.”

Then there was a response for Mowry-Housley who answered the question if she’s still friends with Braxton. “Absolutely. We’re very, very happy for Tamar and I can’t wait to support her on the sidelines. She’s a very talented human being.”

In response, Braxton had a couple things she felt the need to clear up. “No shade but don’t believe all the hype,” she said. “I haven’t spoken to no one.. I’m going back to my friend Toya and support her. Real friends don’t need press.”

Here’s the thing: The Real is off for the summer, what happened happened, and the only people who continue the dialogue about the drama… are the people who claim to not want to talk about it.

If they’ve all moved forward, we look forward, to not hearing about this or reading unnecessary subtweets.


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