Still stinging from the election defeat he refuses to accept as truth, Omarosa Manigault Newman and Eddy Grant handed Trump back-to-back two more Ls within 24 hours of each other after judges' separate rulings.

On his final full day in the White House, Donald Trump did what many expected him to do -- offer a slew of pardons and commuted sentences.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lead the House with a second impeachment process against President Trump after his role in last week's attempted insurrection of the government that resulted in the storming of the U.S. capital.

During an MSNBC broadcast that showcased the former business mogul trying to mansplain how the election was rigged, Leslie Jones offered some hilarious commentary as only she can.

America has spoken, Donald Trump was fired, and Spike Lee celebrated the momentous occasion in the most Brooklyn way possible.

On Monday's (Oct. 26) episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, AmberRuffin laid out on the table exactly what most African Americans in support of change were thinking. During the three and a half minute skit, you see Ruffin attempting to refrain from commenting on the subject of Ice Cube working with Trump, as Meyers discussed the headlines from the previous week stating that both 50 Cent and Ice Cube were either in support of Trump or working with him, stating that her comments would "go off the rails," before diving in and allowing her stance to be made clear.

After a rally in Omaha, Neb., a state he is sure to win, Trump left a large crowd of supporters to fend for themselves in the cold with several reports of the elderly and others suffering under chilly weather conditions.

Whew, child! “The Chicago” in President Barack Obama came out heavy Wednesday evening as Obama took to the campaign trail to speak at a Biden-Harris drive-in rally in Philadelphia. This marks the first live, in-person appearance from the former president on behalf of his former vice president Joe Biden. “13 days until the most important […]

From what's being said, the artist born Curtis Jackson believes that his finances will be in better order under the former business mogul who hopes to get reelected to the White House this fall.


Donald Trump isn't going to like this bit of surprise news. Joe Biden's Town Hall over on ABC beat out the President's Town Hall over on MSNBC, per early results.

These Black celebrities and public figures have largely shown their allegiance to the former business mogul despite a minimal payoff.