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The family of Patrick Kelly is stunned and outraged by the alleged incompetence of a doctor who searched online to figure out how to perform a procedure that led to their loved one’s death.

Kelly’s family filed a malpractice lawsuit against Union County Medical Center in Union, South Carolina and Dr. Hani Mohamed Sorour, who treated Kelly in the hospital’s emergency room in 2016, WSPA-TV reports.

According to the lawsuit, Kelly visited the hospital last March for a sore throat. The medical team gave Kelly penicillin and discharged him. However, Kelly had an allergic reaction to the medication. His tongue and throat swelled to the point that he struggle to breathe.

Kelly returned to the hospital, but Sorour tried unsuccessfully to incubate him. Instead of consulting with the medical team, Sorour went to YouTube and searched for “how to perform cricothyrotomy,” the lawsuit alleges. It’s a procedure in which a patient’s neck is cut to create an alternative airway.

According to the news outlet, the coroner asked the Union Police Department to investigate Kelly’s death. The investigators found YouTube opened on Sorour’s computer.

WSPA-TV said Sorour was a temporary employee hired through an agency. A deeper search by the outlet uncovered that he served 20 weekends in jail for a 2008 misdemeanor assault in Virginia.

In 2011, Sorour attached a 3-page letter, which explained the charges, to his application to practice medicine. WSPA-TV said his background was never investigated.



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