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Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - May 10, 2013

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Wendy Williams has slammed for comments he made about women wearing fake hair and getting plastic surgery. Wendy said on her show, “Tyrese, we’ve known each other for a long time, but can I be honest with you? You know I always am. You haven’t been the same since you wrote that book lecturing women on how to be good women.” She continued, “I don’t like a man telling me what to do. You know what I mean? I don’t mean that in an every man type of way. You know you listen to your father, although those days are over daddy. You listen to your husband if he has something smart to say. You might even want to listen to your boyfriend if you’ve been with him longer than 3 years. But I’m not listening to you Tyrese. Are you serious?” Wendy also spoke on Tyrese’s new wife, saying, “You’re newly married, to a woman. Her name is Samanta Schwalenberg. Well, she sounds very fancy. She’s got a masters degree, so very smart. I’m sure she’s all natural since that’s what Tyrese likes. But and however, know Tyrese that might not last because in 20 years after you all have kids and you still want her to have the girls up, not long, she might want a little botox or something; and maybe a little hair weave once her hair starts thinning.” She added, “Tyrese, stay out of women’s closets before we have to go in yours. And you can be mad if you want, it wouldn’t be the first time you and I are having a fight.”

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