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First it was #HurtBae and now we have a new Bae that will we most likely never ever forget.

Her name is #UberBae and she’s an Uber driver/auditor who claims that she found out her man was cheating on her when she ended up randomly driving a woman to his house. Using the handleย @Msixelaa, she took to Twitter to tell her side of this insane story that has since gone viral:

Then she picked up a woman and the shenanigans began:


After the drama ensued a bit longer, the driver bounced only to realize that the passenger’s luggage was still in her car!

Well alrighty then!

#UberBae recently sat down with Complex to shed some light on why she went to Twitter to talk about her ordeal.

“It’s the only place to vent where people can make a joke out of a serious situation to kinda make you at ease. I just didn’t expect so many people to go crazy,” she stressed.

And while someย might doubt the validity of the story, she swears that’s everything she said happened, actually happened.

“This is one hundred percent real. One hundred percent.ย I guess people thought it was fake because they’re like, “How don’t you know your man’s address?” It’s an apartment complex address, not the apartment number.ย I just believe it was like, fate, and God trying to tell me to finally leave him alone.”

And she also wants everyone to know that she is now single.

Good for you girl!

SOURCE: Twitter; Complexย 


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