Cheating is generally viewed as a negative thing to do to somebody, but people do it anyway. Researchers at Missouri State University surveyed users of (the dating website for married people) and found women who cheated were more likely to be satisfied with their actions than men who did the same. Study leader Dr. […]

Jay-Z has finally admitted to cheating on Beyonce and explaining why they didn’t leave each other over it. Along with talking about his latest album, 4:44, which detailed his infidelity and reconciliation with his wife of nine years, Beyonce, Jay-Z explained why the two decided to stay together after multiple incidents of infidelity on his part. […]

Is Laurence Fishburne’s wife cheating on him?  According to Bossip, Laurence Fishburne’s wife, Gina Torres, was spotted kissing a master man in LA. Apparently, the two went to lunch at LA’s Sweet Butter cafe for over an hour. They were seen holding hands and kissing, and Torres was not wearing her wedding ring. Uh oh…this isn’t good. […]

What happens when two exes confront each other about cheating? The Scene explores the situation in a six minute video where a woman named Kourtney was cheated on multiple times. In a cringing, girl-what-are-you-doing kind of feeling, the two discussed what went wrong. Watch the emotional exchange below. Here’s how social media reacted. […]

Dating & Social Development Coach Eddie Fews opens up about the way men view monogamy and commitment.

Famelous has reported that, The reason Mary J. Blige filed for divorce from her husband Kendu Martin Isaacs is because he slept with her ex artist Starshell. The site reported that during a rehearsal for Maxwell and Mary’s tour, Mary’s crew confirmed it. The site also reported that Mary, Starshell and Kendu allegedly had threesomes […]

Tina Campbell sits down with Steve Harvey on The Steve Harvey Show and talks about how she found out her husband was cheating on her. Check out the video above.

  Via: According to Professional Golfer Tiger Woods has been cheating again. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, a friend mentioned that Woods cheated on his ex girlfriend Lindsey Vonn with a “faceless, nameless woman.”  The friend said that “He had a relapse in the sex department,” the friend told the publication. “Lindsey found out about […]

Cheating is a terrible, terrible thing. And yet and many of us have had a penchant for doing it. Some people believe it’s because we’re…

I live in Chicago for a number of years and one of my favorite little league baseball teams was Jackie Robinson West, the championship Chicago little league championship team. According to Chicago Tribune, Jackie Robinson West, is cutting ties with the Little League to join the Babe Ruth League. The move came about after the […]

Via You don’t have to hire a private investigator to find out if your mate is cheating, just pay attention and follow your intuition.  And before you go all Jazmine Sullivan on him, here’s a few important questions to ask yourself.   Read  more