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Seems like Celibacy is a growing trend  in these celebrity world. Just ask Keyshia Cole who says that she’s abstaining from sex until she’s in the right relationship with the right man. The singer reveals” it’s been 10 months” 


When asked if she’s practicing celibacy, Keyshia maintains, ” I wouldn’t take it that far, it just ain’t happened”


And when asked, if it’s her choice, she explains, “Partially, but then it just not being right. You know, like once you get to a certain point, you’re like, ‘Okay, you can’t keep dating the same guys’. You can’t keep finding interest in the same dudes. At some point, you’ve got to blame yourself. People do things and it’s just like, a turn-off, I’m cool.”

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She continues,” As a grown woman, either you’re going to respect me; have this mutual respect and take it from there. If not, then what’s the point of it”


In addition to keeping sex on the sidelines for now, Keyshia is prepping for her new album, 11:11 Reset