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We’re Going To Need More Wine is the new book written by Gabrielle Union that’s all about her life and she was happy to talk about it!

“It took so long because I actually did not feel worthy enough. I didn’t feel like my life was worthy enough. I didn’t feel like my opinions were worthy enough. I didn’t feel like I had enough talent as a writer,” said Union. She continued,  “And it just took a lot of therapy to get to a place where I felt like my words held value.”

Union says that the purpose of the book was to let people know that they’re not alone and that their lives mean something. “I was ready to share in a very open and honest and transparent way, “expressed Union.

It’s called We’re Going To Need More Wine because I want it to feel like an actual conversation that I’m having with my friends, “says Union.

Listen above to more from this awesome interview with Gabrielle Union.

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