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Wendy Williams Rings The NASDAQ Opening Bell - August 25, 2010

Source: John Lamparski / Getty

The Daily Mail has reported that,

Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, has been spotted with his alleged mistress again. Apparently, Kevin was seen picking Sharina Hudson up from an office building in Manhattan after a workout before driving back to New Jersey together on Monday (November 6th).

She got into the same Bentley that Wendy was spotted in the the next day. As previously reported, Hunter has allegedly been having a 10-year affair with Hudson, whom he reportedly moved into a $765,000 home near his residence.

Wow.  I need Wendy to have that same energy when she talks about her situation, just like she does when she talks about everyone else on her show.

One thought on “Wendy Williams Husband Seen With Mistress, Again

  1. Sometimes it not good to gossip about someone else and try to give advice. We need to take a look in our back yard and clean it up. I know that is her show but what goes around come around.

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