Came across this wild article on The Daily Mail about a 39 year old man who says he’s ‘happily married’ by cheating on his wife.  According to the article, Ryan said after being married for a while each of them started to take things for granted and the ‘spark and mystery’ of the relationship became […]

“Facebook is for old people.”  I’ve heard the kids say, and it seems that they have some data to back up their claim. According to The Daily Mail Market research company eMarketer analyzed how US and UK adults use social media. They found Facebook is still attracting more users in both countries, but that most people […]

I’ve always heard that red wine should be served at room temperature, but I guess heard wrong.   According to The Daily Mail, Joe Fattorini of the TV program “The Wine Show” says red wine should be chilled briefly, and white wine should be left to warm up before consuming. He says wine drinkers should follow the […]

The Daily Mail has reported that, Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, has been spotted with his alleged mistress again. Apparently, Kevin was seen picking Sharina Hudson up from an office building in Manhattan after a workout before driving back to New Jersey together on Monday (November 6th). She got into the same Bentley that Wendy was spotted in the the […]

Hugging is free, and it really might make someone feel much less alone. According to The Daily Mail, University College London researchers have found proof that “slow, gentle stroking by a stranger can reduce feelings of social exclusion after social rejection.” When blindfolded participants had their forearms touched slowly with a soft-bristled brush after being […]

The color of your napkin can apparently influence the flavor of your food. According to an article in The Daily Mail, Napkin brand Tork partnered with Swedish food stylish and chef, Linda Lundgren, who paired dishes with a range of colored napkins. Lundgren claims, for example, that to make a strawberry shortcake taste sweeter you […]

Here’s a helpful tip!  According to Daily Mail , If you’re planning a summer getaway, you may want to plan to fly on Tuesday, June 6th. That’s the day has identified as the cheapest date to fly all summer. You’ll want to avoid flying in July, as it’s the most expensive month, with fares peaking […]

According to The Daily Mail, If you want to give your kid a little bit of a head start in school, you may want to give them fish oil pills. A Swedish study found children who consumed fish oil pills significantly improved their ability to read in just three months, compared to kids who did […]

For centuries, chocolate and oysters have been believed to be aphrodisiacs. But according to The Daily Mail, Modern nutritionists can add a few other foods to the list. Salmon, avocado and tomatoes all boost your libido by literally getting your blood flowing and improving your mood, nutritionist Lyndi Cohen told Daily Mail Australia. A glass […]

A man who has claimed to be Prince’s former drug dealer says that he thinks the singer knew exactly what pills he was taking when he died back in April. According to The Daily Mail, The dealer — who calls himself Doctor D, said that Prince would often buy powerful opiates concealed in mislabeled bottles in order to […]

If you wake up in the middle of the night you’re not alone. And now an expert is saying this may happen because our body clocks are more suited to two chunks of sleep rather than one long period. According to The Daily Mail, Dr. Melinda Jackson, a psychologist specializing in sleep disorders at RMIT […]

Most people have heard that drinking a glass of red wine each day can have health benefits, and now a new study says having a beer a day does the body good as well. According to The Daily Mail, Researchers from the IRCCS Mediterranean Neurological Institute reviewed 150 studies and found that drinking 1.4 pints, […]