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Diamond Reynolds is scheduled to receive $800,000 for the false arrest and emotional distress incited by witnessing the fatal July 2016 shooting of Philando Castile.

Reynolds will receive $675,000 from the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota, along with an additional $125,000, from rom the city of Roseville and the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, ABC News reports.

Reynolds was riding in the passenger seat of the car with her four-year-old daughter in the backseat, when Castile was pulled over by Jernomio Yanez in St. Anthony, Minnesota on July 6. Her Facebook livestream in the aftermath of the shooting helped bring significant media coverage to the shooting and shed light on the continued mistreatment of minorities during police encounters.

Though Reynolds and her daughter suffered no physical scars after the arrest, the trauma of the events understandably caused significant emotional unrest. Yanez was terminated from the force but was found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter in June after his lawyers argued Castile was armed with a gun. In the livestream, Reynolds is heard reiterating that Castile was reaching for his identification before the officer fired the fatal shots.

“While no amount of money can change what happened, bring Philando back, or erase the pain that my daughter and I continue to suffer, I do hope that closing this chapter will allow us to get our lives back and move forward,” Reynolds said in a statement Tuesday obtained by ABC.

A portion of the money will go into an education trust for Reynolds’ daughter. The settlement comes just months after Castile’s family received a $2.995 million from St. Anthony in a wrongful death suit.



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