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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Four

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Tonight’s How to Get Away With Murder starts with a reminder that Isaac relapsed, and with that comes the role reversal between he and Annalise. More on that later.  Moving on, we find Frank and Bonnie conspiring as usual. One of the things they’re doing is trying to figure out what the deal is with Laurel’s mom, but they agree to not tell Annalise.

Annalise checks on Isaac again the next day to tell him that Bonnie is working on keeping him from having to go to trial. He seems fine today, but he freaks out when he gets that information because Bonnie and Annalise were just trying to ruin each other’s lives and this is obviously crazy. Then he freaks out because he lied to her and said that he was at his girlfriend’s house when she went looking for him last night. He says he had been sober for 23 years until last night and he threw it away. Annalise encourages him to go to a meeting and agrees to go with him if it helps. Later on, they’re in a diner having lunch and Isaac is spilling all his tea to Annalise about how he met his wife and had his daughter. This is the role reversal. Annalise has become the therapist, but this is also obviously the beginning of what could be a friendship or even a romance. It’s not going to be pretty, though. All of Annalise’s relationships, unfortunately, become toxic.

Bonnie tells one of the ADA’s that she’s going to help him figure out how to actually charge Isaac. Obviously, she’s a double agent because she’s back on #TeamAnnalise (for now).

In other news, Annalise tapped her kids to help Nate’s father get out of jail and with her overall class action suit, and then we get into some heartbreaking details about the prison industrial complex. For example, at one point in Papa Nate’s life, he went back to jail just weeks after getting out because he couldn’t pay court fees. How was this man, fresh out of jail and not being able to get a job, supposed to be able to pay these fees?


So yeah. There’s that, and then depressing details about the year Papa Nate spent in solitary confinement and lost track of time.

Now we’re in court and Annalise’s case gets a major blow when she learns that the Pennsylvania Attorney General is pulling the case from the trial so they can hear it themselves. Annalise is pissed because they’re obviously trying to railroad her again, but this particular judge can do nothing about it because the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court has higher authority than he does.


Laurel gets an email from the judge in her child support case and learns that she gets to meet her baby at the hospital tomorrow. At around the same time, Frank figures out that Laurel’s mother and father might be working together because he saw that she called Jorge every day that week. He doesn’t mention this to Laurel, but he asks if he can accompany her to her visitation since he’s the reason she went into early labor. That guilt will never go away.

Later on, at the hospital, Laurel’s mom is the only one of Laurel’s parents that shows up. She reveals that Jorge isn’t coming, but she did call him every day that week to convince him to allow her to see the baby. So maybe she’s not in cahoots with him (she’s still shady because she did meet with Wes)? What comes of this is that Laurel gets to name her son. She names him Christopher after Wes, whose real name was Christoff.

Bonnie shows up at Annalise’s place with some evidence that shows that Isaac may have attempted CPR on his daughter, but then Annalise notices that the daughter died of Kapex, the opioid that Isaac is addicted to.


Isaac got some splaining to do. Annalise confronts him and his story is that she had just dropped out of school and came home. They were supposed to spend some time together this particular day, but he hadn’t gotten home yet. She found the Kapex in his medicine closet and od’d. He also got caught in another lie. He wasn’t actually sober for 23 years.

Anyway, he walked in and found her, panicked, then flushed the rest of the drugs (that were laying next to her body) down the toilet and sent a text to his wife from her phone to make it look like a suicide. Basically, he didn’t want his wife to find his drugs next to her body and blame him. Bonnie tries to get Annalise to let it go, but Annalise refuses. She has Isaac’s back even though he might still be lying. He already got caught in major lies so who knows.


Bonnie writes up a report exonerating Isaac, but the ADA isn’t stupid. He figured out that she’s still working for Annalise and that there are holes in what Bonnie wrote (like the fact that Isaac’s daughter didn’t have a history of drug abuse, a fact Isaac conveniently left out) so he decided to move forward with charging Isaac for murder. Bonnie freaks out for a minute but then she remembers who she is and that she has been recording all the shady conversations she has had with Denver. She tells him that he drop the case with Isaac or lose the election from jail because she will blow up his spot if necessary, but this doesn’t put her in a good space. More on this later.

Annalise is at the State Supreme Court and has bad news for Nate. They lost the case. This also means that the overall class is probably over. However, she does get to deliver good news to Isaac. He won’t be charged with murder after all. He’s so ecstatic that he almost kisses her, but Annalise stops any further touching and petting because she knows they’re not good for each other. This leads to an interesting conversation. Basically, Isaac has a meltdown and says that he hasn’t been this low since his daughter died and that he’s in this place because of Annalise. Once again she’s the therapist and informs him that this is not her fault and that she can’t make anyone anything they don’t want to be.


Annnalise calls his wife to inform her of the relapse and makes her swift exit.

Bonnie is in fear for her life because she knows what Denver is capable. She calls Frank to come to her place. Frank says he’ll be there soon, but he doesn’t tell her is that he has his own plans first. He’s waiting for Laurel’s mother–stalker style–and when she finally shows up, he demands to know how she knows Christoff.

Annalise’s students are bummed about the case, but Michaela isn’t done fighting. She shows up at Annalise’s house and reminds her that they can win with the right people in their corner. The supreme court only takes 2% of lower court cases, but if they knew people with the right amount of power, they could have a chance. You see where this is going, right? We’re being set up for the crossover episode! How to Get Away With Murder Scandal!

Cut to Olivia Pope who is in town as a guest lecturer. Her specialty is obviously, How to Survive a Scandal. Annalise sits in on the lecture and…



See you all on March 1.


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