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Black Panther continues to make history at the box-office. Not only did the film cross the $600 million barrier in America to become the seventh biggest film of all-time, but it is also on track to become the biggest superhero movie ever.

What is even more impressive? It managed to do something not achieved since 2009 by becoming the first film since Avatar to reach No. 1 at the box office for a fifth consecutive week. We said Wakanda Forver, not Wakanda for a month.

This weekend, T’Challa and friends earned an estimated $28.1 million at the box-office, beating out its closest competition by $5 million. Tomb Raider, the reboot of the famed Sony PlayStation game came in second at a disappointing $23 million (on a $94 million budget).

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Meanwhile, A Wrinkle In Time crossed the $60 million mark at the box-office, earning $17 million. Next week, Black Panther tries for a sixth week at number one but has another box-office behemoth to go up against, Pacific Rim 2 starring John Boyega.