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U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia has given Texas until Thursday, May 17th, to state how it will start complying with several sections of the National Voter Rights Act (NVRA).

One section that has come to be called the Motor Voter Act, requires the states to allow drivers to register to vote “online” while updating their information, or when renewing, or applying for licenses for the first time. Texas is one of 12 states that make no such provision.

Texas argues that  the provision would make elections vulnerable to voter fraud.  However, Judge Garcia, in his ruling stated: the state’s argument is not supported by the facts.  “Defendants are violating [several sections] of the NVRA and their excuse for noncompliance is not supported by the facts or the law.”

Texas Civil Rights Project President Mimi Marziani said her group, which brought the suit, will fight to have a resolution in time for voters to register for this fall’s midterm elections.  Read the complete story in The Texas Tribune.