According to a cost of voting index compiled by political scientists at Northern Illinois University, Jacksonville University and Wuhan University in China, it's harder to register to vote in Texas than in any other state in the country. 

Some voters in Fort Bend County stated they stood in line for over two hours waiting to cast their ballot on the first day of Early Voting in Texas.

National Black Voting Day is about taking part and exercising our right to vote.


Voters are looking forward to casting ballots in favor of or against the candidates of their choice. However, they won't be able to participate if they haven't registered to vote. Here's how.

Texas Southern University was the location for the first-ever presidential forum organized to focus on women of color.  Several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates appeared before a packed house. MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Aime Allison of She the People, and audience members asked policy-specific questions of the eight candidates on hand. The greatest focus was on affordable […]

Voting Day is a major major deal (but you knew that already). And if you work during voting hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.), your job is legally obligated to give you up to two hours off to cast your ballot. Check out all the deals and offers from restaurants to free rides to the […]

Author, journalist and activist Kevin Powell stopped by The Madd Hatta Morning Show to discuss his upcoming new Tupac book, why voting in THIS year’s mid-term election is important, his thoughts on Donald Trump, manhood and more! On Meeting 2Pac For The First Time: “We were at Jack the Rapper, the music conference back in […]

Some voters in Texas are reporting interesting issues on both the Republican and Democratic side of straight-party voting. One voter voted a straight Democratic ticket but when she got to the last screen to review her choices, she noticed that all of her votes were for a straight Democratic ticket – until it showed that […]

Set your reminders now. Whether it be an alarm, a Google Calendar alert, whatever you may prefer. October 9 is as important a day in October this year as Halloween. Why? Because if you’re not registered to vote in Texas by then, you are unable to vote in the general election on November 6. How […]

U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia has given Texas until Thursday, May 17th, to state how it will start complying with several sections of the National Voter Rights Act (NVRA). One section that has come to be called the Motor Voter Act, requires the states to allow drivers to register to vote “online” while updating their […]


There is no doubt that there was an unprecedented amount of damage done to homes, businesses, infrastructure, and families during and in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey this past August of 2017.  6 months later, it is still very evident that many in the Houston metropolitan area are still in the pain-staking process of persevering […]


The next election in Texas takes place on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Early voting is from April 24th to May 2nd. For more info about early voting in Texas click HERE. The Harris County Clerk’s Office is conducting elections for the following political subdivisions: City of Humble City of Pasadena Houston Independent School District […]