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Gabrielle Union says she left a lot of stories out of her book, We Need More Wine, because she hadn’t gotten through enough therapy. According to Madamenoire, during a panel at Essence Festival earlier this month, Gabrielle said, “There’s a lot that I left out because I had not gotten through enough therapy. There were great stories that I could’ve just put in the book and then on the book tour and the press tour been like, ‘I’m not talking about that.’ I wasn’t going to do that. If I’m not willing to have real, honest, transparent conversations about whatever I put in the book then it shouldn’t be in the book.”

She added, “I’ve been in therapy since then so hopefully a lot of those chapters that didn’t make it in the book because I wasn’t really ready to share, I’ll be ready to share. There’s a lot that’s happened since the book came out.”