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2018 Janet Jackson

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Janet Jackson revealed that she has lost 70 pounds after having her son Eissa Al Mana at age 50. Janet — who is now 52, credits her personal trainer for getting back into shape. She explained, “I give it up to Paulette [Sybliss]. She’s incredible. And she never made me feel like I have to deprive myself of anything. She would say, ‘What do you like? OK, I’m going to put that in. What do you enjoy? OK, I’m going to put that in.’” Janet also opens up about her new healthy lifestyle, saying, “I don’t eat meat anymore, just fish occasionally and veggies. But I love catfish. I love a fried fish. But I’m also crazy about grilled fish. I love Snickers.”

She continued, “There were a lot of sweets that I have only tried as an adult. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Is that the little round one? I just tried that last year for the first time. It’s very good,” Jackson noted. “I finally tried a KitKat a couple of years ago.”


Today, Janet says she is more secure about her body than she’s ever been. She explained, “A lot of it has to do with experience, getting older. Understanding, realizing that there isn’t just one thing that is considered beautiful. Beautiful comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.”

As a therapeutic exercise, she said, “I had to find something in my body that I loved, and that was difficult for me to do. At first, I couldn’t find anything. I would look in the mirror and start crying. I didn’t like that I was not attractive. I didn’t like anything about me. But I wound up falling in love with the small of my back. And then from there I found more things. And then finally realizing my smile isn’t that bad after all. I thought I looked like the Joker because it was so big.”

Janet added that she feels “most beautiful” when she is with her baby “because of the gift that God has given me and that he allowed me to do so at that age.”