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We’ve all heard at this point the various benefits of mediation. Personally, I love the “idea” of meditation but traditional meditation is tough for me. If I’m already antsy, telling myself to sit still and be quiet can sometimes feel like punishment. “Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done!” No thanks!

Luckily, there are other ways to take out designated time to quiet the mind, still the body, and connect with oneself.

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I prefer to take a walk or drive to the nearest park, layout my blanket, and engage in some good ol’ relaxation. I find it easier to center and quiet myself while focusing on the breeze hitting my face, the birds chirping, the way my hands or feet feel in the grass, etc. I’ve recently learned that this “practice” actually has a name, it’s called Earthing.


Have you ever gone to the beach and left feeling rejuvenated? Did you go home and sleep like a baby? Better yet, have you fallen asleep on the beach because you were so relaxed? It’s not solely because you had a fun day in the sun with friends and family. It has a lot to do with the fact that you spent time connecting with the Earth’s elements. Just as the sun gives us warmth and vitamin D, the Earth underfoot gives us an eternal, natural, and gentle energy.


Now that we are engaged and surrounded by technology all day long, it’s more important than ever to take time to connect with the Mother Nature. Bring the kids along too! We are entering the fall months so it’s a perfect time to try this practice!

  • Swimming (specifically in ocean or lakes)
  • Gardening with bare hands
  • Laying out on the Earth
  • Hugging or leaning against a living tree
  • Camping

Here’s a few important benefits to Earthing: (via Barefoot Healing)

  • Defuse the cause of inflammation, and improve or eliminate the symptoms of many inflammation related disorders
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
  • Improve Sleep and promote a deeper sleep
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Lower stress and promote calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones
  • Normalize the body’s biological rhythms
  • Thin the blood and improve blood pressure and flow
  • Relieve muscle tension and headaches
  • Lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Dramatically speeds healing time and can help prevent bedsores
  • Reduce or eliminate jet lag
  • Protect the body against potentially health disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Accelerate recovery from intense athletic activity