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Is Usher dating Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada’s 25-year-old daughter, Shaniece Hairston? According to The Jasmine Brand, the rumor mill began buzzing that the two are romantically involved after they were spotted arriving at and leaving Diddy’s birthday party together over the weekend. However, a source close to Hairston said that the rumors are completely false. The insider said that after Diddy’s party was over, a group of people — which included both Usher and Shaniece, left the venue. They went their separate ways for the remainder of the night.

In other news, Usher’s herpes accuser has pleaded with a judge to deny the singer’s motion to seal evidence in the case. According to BossipLaura Helm said that Usher’s belief that he needs an all-encompassing gag order because he is a celebrity and the details of his sex life, partners and health could ruin his reputuation, is nonsense. Helm wrote in court documents, “Unfortunately, trials are public and often the contents of a trial are embarrassing, but just because the Defendant is a celebrity does not entitle to him to private confidential trials while the rest of society must display their most embarrassing damages publicly, like the Plaintiff had to do to bring this action for the embarrassing damages caused by the Defendant.”

Helm said that Usher’s legal bid to put a gag order on her herpes case against him violates her and the media’s first amendment rights, as well as the courts’ legal right to a public record. She added, “It is ironic the Defendant, whose lawyer in this matter makes public statements, now asks this Court to gag the Plaintiff. The Defendant, with his power, money and popularity, requests this Court to silence his victims in the time of #metoo.”

Helm is adamant that the evidence, which includes both of their “content of medical reports or billing records regarding STDs and herpes or third-party claims for the same” should be made public once the case goes to trial.

The judge has not yet ruled on Usher’s motion for a gag order.