2016 Houston Mayoral Inauguration

Source: Radio One Staff / Radio One Staff

The first 2019 episode of Sunday Morning Live kicked off with none other than Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner joining the show. The mayor sat in with <strongDr J. Thomas Smith to discuss a number of topics.

  • The upcoming Original MLK Day Parade – the city is backing the parade sponsored by the Black Heritage Society
  • Plans for the New Year: relaunching the pot whole initiative on Tuesday, Jan. 8. While city workers always fill potholes within 24 hours, we are asking people to step up reporting so our crews know where they are located.
  • Ongoing efforts to address the implementation of Prop B, which will cost the city $100 million to increase firefighter pay by 29%. It will likely lead to layoffs. Mayor Turner just announced that he is willing to meet with the firefighters union, business community and other stakeholders to hear ideas on how to avoid layoffs and meet the unfunded mandate to increase firefighter pay.

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