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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Four

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Tonight’s episode of Empire gives us a tiny bit of reprieve from the drama and the inevitable tearjerker episode that will be the season finale. Kai and Jamal are preparing to get married. This wedding is a big deal for network TV.

Anyway, let’s fast forward a bit. Now, we find Cookie, Lucious, Hakeem and Dre at home spending quality time together, and Damon Crosswalks in with the painting. You know, Cookie and Lucious wedding painting. Lucious said his broker said it was nowhere to be found so he’s wondering how Damon Cross found it. But this is Damon Cross, so here we are. Jamal, completely oblivious to who Damon Cross really is, thinks he did a good thing and is so moved that he invites him to the wedding.

Next, we’re at Jamal’s bachelor party. Jamal, Becky, Andre and Hakeem are having fun until Kingsley walks in. It turns out, Andre invited him because life is short and since Kingsley is the oldest now, he has to step up to the plate and take care of his brothers. That’s exactly what Andre explains to Kingsley and his other brothers, who are giving Kingsley the side eye but decide not to make a scene. Andre’s newfound peace with Kingsley is the crux of this scene.

Now it’s the actual wedding day. The feds start harassing Lucious again. They bring him into custody and try to get him to flip on Damon Cross. They have evidence that Damon’s off-shore Panama money is all over Empire’s books. Plus, we all know that Lucious would like to get the tour going again, but he’s not intimidated by her so he steps out and heads to his son’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Cookie is at the church preparing for the wedding. Damon Cross stops by the church talking about how he misses her, yatta yatta. She tells him to leave and he does, but then she notices that Jamal heard the entire conversation. Jamal is already nervous because he thinks Lucious isn’t coming to give him away and he’s pissed at his mom. Cookie explains that nothing happened he just supported her through Andre’s sickness. Jamal foolishly tells her to tell Lucious but we all know that’s not going to go over well so that’s that.

Lucious finally shows up late, due to the feds but what’s important is, he manages to put some of his homophobia aside to give Jamal away.

The ceremony is beautiful and the reception is all fun and games. Kingsley is even there and it seems like even Cookie is starting to kind of like him. Speaking of Cookie, she finds out that Terry is pregnant. Dre doesn’t know yet but Terry tells Cookie that she doesn’t want him to know right now.

Then, Lucious finds Andre in a room sitting alone and this is where the bad news comes back. Andre’s cancer treatments have been going well but he’s still dying. The chemo drugs he took destroyed his heart and the damage isn’t reversible without an entirely new heart but a transplant probably won’t happen for him because he’s not stable enough. He only has a couple of weeks to live but he wants to end his own life. Lucious tells him that Lyons don’t give up and that’s not how he’s going to go out. You know how that goes. But Dre said what he said and wants to die on his terms.

At this point, it looks like Dre really is going to die, which is unfortunate. This show does tend to throw us curveballs so we can still hold on to that 1% of hope because honestly if Andre dies, it would be a waste of a character arc. Plus, why does everything bad just seem to happen to him? Anyway, we’ll find out what happens next week.


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