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Pink Sweat$

Source: Leon Prevost / Radio One Digital

Philly crooner Pink Sweat$ goes Behind The Majic with KG Smooth inside the Houston BMW Studios to break down why he made the switch from being a primary songwriter to an artist, how life has been since “Honesty” was released, some of his musical influences were gospel acts, his Volume One project and more!

On his influences:

“I used to love Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann … she’s killing it. Kirk would go beast mode, y’know? Then there’s Kierra Sheard, her whole family is dope. J Moss, people like that.”

On the state of R&B:

“The reality is we need a surge of R&B where, if people getting married? They got songs. Back in the day, even though I didn’t grow up on this stuff but as I got older these things I paid attention to, you had Boyz II Men making love songs that tons of people got married to. Brian McKnight, Babyface, we don’t have as many of those artist at mainstream or pushing to get to mainstream. There’s an art to find those people. It’s easy to find the next Drake song but we need people who are intentional about their efforts because that’s what this generation is listening to and the generation after us are learning to appreciate. We gotta give them something to hold on to.”

Watch the full interview below!

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