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Bathrooms are one of the hardest areas in a house to decorate due to it’s limited space. Here are some easy ways to beautify your bathroom:

1) Express yourself. Have a small collection of candle holders or vases? Displayed on a shelf they add personal flair and warmth to a bathroom.

2) Fill a basket with decorative soaps and lotions. If you have an extra basket around the house,put it to good use by filling it with decorative soaps and lotions.

Brighten up your bathroom with plants

3) Use a flower pot for miscellaneous items. Bathroom accessories should not only be decorative, but should also be functional. Everyone has miscellaneous bathroom items such as hairbrushes, hairspray, and shaving cream that they use on a daily basis. Store these items in one place in the corner of your vanity.

4) Candles. Put scented candles and oil burners around your tub, to give you that feeling of having a spa in your home.

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