Rap legend Bun B and his wife Queenie had an altercation with an alleged racist even during the coronavirus pandemic.

While in a Whataburger drive-through, Bun B tells that the woman began to honk at the couple and she then threatened to shoot them and called them the N-word. The UGK member recorded the incident which led to the police being called and both parties being questioned.

The other party denied both the name-calling and the threat. Bun B shared what happened play by play.

“So the [drive-thru] line extended out into the street; she pulled up and was blowing [her horn] at us to move,” Bun told an officer. “We told her to wait, we’re not moving yet. She told my wife she was gonna threaten to shoot my wife, then she got out the car and called my wife ‘a stupid nigger.’ I have everything on video.”

After leaving the fast-food restaurant, the couple then ran into the racist at their local Walgreens where Queenie confronted her.  The woman didn’t want any issues once they were face to face but Bun B closed out his Instagram Live saying a very important message.

“Be careful what you say to people and think you just gonna walk away from it,” he declared. “Be very careful.”

In 2019, the couple experienced a home invasion that led to a shootout between Bun B and the intruder.

You can watch the live below.


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