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Eddie Murphy has been making us laugh with his stand-up comedy shows, timeless films and entertaining impressions for over 40 years. Today, the actor and comedian celebrates 60 years of life bringing joy and entertainment to his supporters. Most recently, bringing the highly-anticipated Coming 2 America sequel to fans of the franchise this year. Both Murphy and his co-star Arsenio Hall had a number of their own signature characters in the original Coming to America, who also appeared in the sequel. Eddie Murphy has a knack for many things including acting and creating his own masterful characters, but what we love most is his undeniable impressions. He’s way too good! Here are a few of our favorite Eddie Murphy impressions to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Eddie Murphy Does Tracy Morgan, Mike Tyson, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Michael Jackson

In this short compilation of impressions, Eddie Murphy rides around with Jerry Seinfeld recalling various encounters with his celebrity friends. He talks about how Sammy Davis, Jr.’s voice came from being really “coked out” and somehow, a conversation arose about Davis worshipping the devil.

Murphy as Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor

Hope it’s not too soon to revisit a Bill Cosby impression, but Murphy nailed it. In this clip from his classic standup Eddie Murphy Raw, the comedian recalls Cosby “calling him up telling him he’s ‘too dirty’” in his show. Whereas, Richard Pryor said in response to Cosby, “tell him have a coke, a smile and shut the f*ck up.”

He Has These Legendary Artists Down Too

He’s back for another classic culmination of impressions from one of his infamous stand-up specials. A 22 year old Murphy imitates Elvis Presley, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder in 1983. He jokingly says how he could never understand Brown, but he was saying “some real meaningful sh*t” ending each statement with “ha.”


Charlie Murphy Is His Best Impression To Date

Eddie Murphy’s first impression was of his late brother and fellow comic Charlie Murphy, whom he says is his favorite to do and one of his most googled impressions to date. Eddie says that he’s been doing an impression of his brother Charlie since he was two or three years old. No one can mock you the way a sibling can.

We appreciate his many decades of making us laugh hysterically in his popular roles onscreen, on stage and through his spot on impressions. Happy Birthday, Eddie Murphy!

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