Okay so looks like we have a new jump off coming out the wood works for some publicity. But it looks like she is denying being involved with Reggie Bush! I think she just doesn’t want Kimmy Cakes to beat that a** since we all love Kim and Reggie together!! But you check it out and let me know what you think!

Here’s what we found on Crunk & Disorderly & TMZ:

January Gessert is the woman who was rumored to be involved in the split between Reggie Bush and his longtime girlfriend Kim Kardashian, but she decided to set the record straight during a press conference today. Speaking at the office of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, Gesert insisted she never touched Bush.

During the conference, Allred said that Gessert and Bush had been friends for about five years, but they were never romantic. Gessert was spotted leaving Bush’s house in the early hours of the morning recently before his split from Kardashian, but Allred cleared that up, too, saying she had stayed there with a couple of other friends as well.

Allred also took the opportunity to plug Gessert’s career as a recording artist (she is signed to a label).

When January herself took the microphone, she said she was a victim who was “shocked” by the story the media had “fabricated.” She also said she had never witnessed Reggie cheating on Kim in the time that she’d known him.