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I was walking with a friend of mine and we saw this guy that I have had a crush on since high school. I can say that I am much more pulled together now, than I was back then. He stopped and we started to talk. But there was a moment when I was sure that my high school crush would finally ask for my number, yet he just said, “well, hit me up on Facebook!” Facebook?I was instantly brought back into the school cafeteria where I had my friends innocently stalk him, so they could tell me if he looked at me at least once–he never did. Being a self-proclaimed dating/relationship expert, now I was sure that he still did not want me. So here are some of the signs that I saw to help all of you avoid the men who are just lukewarm about you:

1) He does not tell you anything about himself: If I am being honest, I must say that I was such a geek about it, I even mentioned that we have a mutual friend. This let him know that I have been asking about him after all of these years. Never did he volunteer any information about his life.

2) He did not ask for your number or offer his: Even though, I could not stop myself from talking, there were a couple of moments when the conversation could have ventured toward exchanging numbers but he did NOT. Instead he said, “hit me up on Facebook!”

“I Really Want To Be With Him, But I Think He’s Playing Me”

3) All he really did was comment on my body: When we were about to leave, he hugs me and said, “nice legs, sexy” and there was a sexual tension between to two of us, in that moment that I could feel. That last comment was like a bullet hitting him in the head, I finally got it.  He was letting me know that he doesn’t really want me but if I chased him, he will sleep with me!

Ladies, please do not let this humiliating lesson go in vain. Men let us know how they feel about us all of the time we just have to be aware of the signs.

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