White councilman John "Tommy" Bryant is getting the ultimate side-eye, and many requests to resign from office, after his reiteration of The N-Word during a recent city council meeting in Tarrant City, Alabama.


Police responding to a shooting at a mall in Alabama apparently shot and killed the wrong person -- a Black man -- leaving the suspected gunman at large following an episode that left two other people wounded on Thanksgiving night.


Cornell Brooks, President of the NAACP, and other activists were arrested on Monday for staging a sit-in at Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office.


On this day in 1990, the city of Selma, Ala. once again became the epicenter of racial tensions after a city-wide school boycott. Students were angered at the firing of the city’s first Black school superintendent, Dr. Norwand Rousell, who lost his job after dismantling what he felt was a discriminatory policy. In 1987, Dr. […]

Federal officials conclude that closing and reducing services in driver license's centers in Alabama violates civil rights, reaching an agreement Wednesday with the state law enforcement agency to ensure "that all Alabama residents have access to driver licensing programs, regardless of race, color or national origin."


After a Black woman was caught stealing at a Victoria's Secret store in Alabama, workers asked two other Black shoppers to also leave.

An Alabama NAACP branch criticizes a grand jury's decision not to indict a Mobile police officer. The officer fatally shot a Black teen during a traffic stop, and many questions remain about the incident.


A museum will also go alongside the memorial to trace the country's history from slavery to present day. The structure is slated to open in April 2017.

An elderly Alabama man tied an alleged burglar to a tree. The intruder was dead when deputies arrived.

Family members of the victims are expected to attend the parole hearing, including Sarah Collins Rudolph, sister to Addie Mae Collins. Jones says he doesn't expect the parent's of Carol Denise McNair to attend, but AL.com reports her sisters will make an appearance.


The shoe repair business has been around a long time, although there’s typically an emphasis on dress shoes and the like. But in Birmingham, Alabama, two friends can lay claim to creating the state’s first Black-owned sneaker dry cleaning service which has expanded quickly since its opening. Tavaris Godbolt and Alvin Miller are the founders […]

An angry Alabama father said it was inappropriate for his son's school to stamp his arm with a message that said, "I need lunch money." The principal said she would communicate with the father by email only going forward.