According to KTRK, Houston police are investigating after man found a newborn baby dumped in the trash at an apartment complex in southeast Houston. Officers were called to the Windmall Lakes Reserve apartment complex at about 8:30am. Carlos, who works as a contractor at the complex, was moving stuff around in the trash bin in […]

Via TheUrbanDaily: This is scary…a woman wakes up and jumps out of coffin!    Read more…

Your Houston Executive Producer Dorail Crayton spoke to J Anthony Brown (in secret) about his thoughts on how he believes Michael Jackson is alive and well but apparently J. can’t keep a secret and Tom is having too much fun with this.

[AUDIO]….Your TJMS producer ‘Dorail Crayton’ outright thinks that Michael Jackson is ‘alive and well’  and appears on tv in disguises (in this case it’s the reality tv show X Factor) and although he’s not the only one, J. Anthony Brown loves to point him out to the world….Tom instigates the whole conversation and Sybil feels sorry for […]

*In the wake of Teena Marie’s sudden death, reports began circulating online Monday that claimed the ailing Aretha Frankilin had also passed away – but those rumors are flat-out false.

From A Mexican baby that had been pronounced dead was discovered to be still breathing — just hours before she was scheduled to be buried. Dafne Marisol Hernandez, 17, was preparing to say farewell to her daughter, who died not long after her premature birth this week. To Hernandez’s surprise, she could hear noises […]