Discover if he’s hiding any criminal records! If you want to grill your daughter’s date so you can feel better about letting her leave the house, here are the 10 questions you should ask him. VIA: 1) “Why do you want to date my daughter?” Ah, the old classic. By putting him on the spot […]

  “I wish I knew how to develop a better relationship with my daughter,” my friend commented. “As she gets older, it just seems that we have less to talk about. She just doesn’t climb up in my lap anymore and I miss being close to her.” My friend’s experience with a changing father daughter relationship is […]

TLC really ain’t to proud to beg.  The group has been in the studio working on their final album and the ladies have decided to ask the fan to fund the album by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 by February 19th. In a video posted online, the ladies said, “While major labels offer […]

About to get married or thinking about it?  Well, here are 14 questions that couples need to ask each other and answer before getting married per  Will you have kids? You can’t predict the future regarding children, but you’ll want to know whether or not your fiance even wants to become a dad. Some guys […]