Did Usher really beat up Bobby Brown back in the day? Producer and songwriter Rico Love was recently a guest on Taxstone’s Tax Season podcast and he said that he witnessed Usher punch Bobby Brown at a birthday party in Los Angeles. Rumors of the incident dates back to 2002. Rico said about the singer, […]

Who doesn’t appreciate free tacos? At the start of the N-B-A finals, Taco Bell announced its “Steal A Game, Steal A Taco” promotion, in which customers won a free Doritos Locos taco if the home team loses a game. The promo stated that if the home team lost during the first three games, the taco […]

Having low standards means you never get disappointed, and a new study says it also means you avoid stress. According to Telegraph UK, Scientists from the University College London had 45 students play a computer game where they turned over rocks to find out if they had snakes underneath. If they found a snake they […]

GO ROCKETS!!  The Rockets beat the Detroit Pistons 118-110 tonight. They are now 40-19 which makes them #5 in the the Western Conference. CONGRATS TO THE HOUSTON ROCKETS!!!

According to The Huffington Post, In theory, the 62 hours between 6 p.m. on Friday evening and 8 a.m. on Monday morning are a blissful reprieve from the stress of the workweek. But even if you manage to leave work at work, the reality is that Sundays are often dominated by that sinking feeling that […]

An alarming number of people young and old die from heat related incidents. Let us help you beat the heat. Click here to READ MORE.

According to the Houston police, an accused murderer is behind bars. Jonathan Renard Castaneda was arrested Monday night for beating three people in southeast Houston…

VIDEO: Police Beat Special Ed Student For Untucked Shirt   Via: NewsOne From CBS 2 Chicago DOLTON, Ill. (CBS) A 15-year-old student was walking down a hallway at school when he says a police officer grabbed him and threw him to the ground. But that’s not all. The teenager says he was beaten and nearly […]