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Did Usher really beat up Bobby Brown back in the day? Producer and songwriter Rico Love was recently a guest on Taxstone’s Tax Season podcast and he said that he witnessed Usher punch Bobby Brown at a birthday party in Los Angeles. Rumors of the incident dates back to 2002. Rico said about the singer, “Usher got them hands, too. Usher will beat the hell out of you. Usher beat up Bobby Brown, I’m not lying to you.”

Bobby Brown

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He continued, [”Bobby Brown was drunk. Usher went to his birthday party in LA. Bobby was drunk, talking some crazy to Ush. Ush thought he was joking. Bobby started pushing Ush in the chest.  He put his arm around Ush, he put him like in a headlock. Like, ‘Yeah man, don’t ever disrespect me, I’m the king. You my son.’ Ush kind of like pushed back, two-pieced Bobby Brown, quick. He did it so fast, everybody in the party thought they was play-fighting. Ush don’t play around.”