According to The Elite Daily, If your sex life is lacking you may just want to put some more thought into it. University of Toronto researchers conducted six different studies with close to 2,000 people and found that participants who truly believe in sexual growth (or that putting effort into your sex life is what […]

Solange Knowles took to Twitter to thank fans for making her latest album A Seat At The Table number one on the Billboard charts. She said, “ . . . thank YOU guys so much for this. Truly only a testament to your connection to the music and the storytelling. I thank you for this. […]

Brian McKnight dropped by the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room and gave us an exclusive performance of his newest single “Better” and an insight of the story behind the song.

Check out this great story about breathing from FOX News, When someone tells you to relax they’ll often say “breathe,” and it works. Scientists say that controlling your breathing has many long-term health benefits. Deep breathing is known to activate a relaxation response which Professor of psychiatry Murali Doraiswamy says, “potentially [decreases] inflammation, [improves] heart […]

For all you  narcissist people who like to take pictures of yourself and post them on social media, here are ways to take better selfies, courtesy of 1. Forget your reflection. 2. Check what’s going on behind you. 3. Your face should be naturally lit, but avoid direct sunlight. 4. Keep it clean. 5. […]

We all want that great night of sleep, right?  Here are 7 ways to sleep better tonight.  Find out what you should do here.

A new French study reveals that women might benefit more from not wearing bras. To find this, researchers measured the changes in the orientation of the breasts of 30 women over 15-years. Researchers say that their results indicate that wearing a bra causes the breasts to sag. One researcher said, “Medically, physiologically, anatomically- breasts gain […]

New resaerch from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, finds that both reading rant sites and posting on them can bring on negative mood shifts. Rant sites such as and allow people to annoymously vent about any topic they’d like. To find the effect they have on people, researchers surveyed 32-rant-site-users about their […]

  New research from the National Sleep foundation finds that just ten-minutes of exercise per day would make a difference in the duration and quality of a person’s sleep. For the study one-thousand people were surveyed via telephone and more than 75-percent of those who identified themselves as exercisers said they slept well, compared with just […]

If at first you don’t succeed?  Well, we have a few suggestions for our little picky eaters. Click here to READ MORE.