black marriage day

I’m thankful to God for my King of 26 years and counting love is truly beautiful and marrige is devine. Family we can and we must end the cycle of divorce in our communities learn more right here.

I love being married to my high school sweetheart King (Kamau) Rideaux and last October we Celebrated our 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary. We celebrate marriage in our community because of the devastationg  divorce rate family we have to do better and put the work in our relationships. God ordained marriage (Genesis 2: 18-24), and He united […]

Via: Find out more about there 73 years of marriage right here.

Some of you may have not heard about this day but with so many broken African american home this day is needed. I was fortunate to grow up with both parents but I can remember my friends faces  when we were outside playing ball and when my father would drive up I would leave the game and run to see […]


Via: The Obamas talk marriage in New York Times Magazine and Today In a piece that is featured in the Nov. 1 issue of the New York Times Magazine, the Obamas talk about their marriage and how it has changed, or not changed since moving to the White House.

Via: Marriage rates in the United States have hit an all-time low, dropping from a 1960 high of 72 percent to just barely half. Leading family scholars are troubled. Studies show that children from cohabitating and single-parent households face increased risks for a wide range of social, emotional, and economic ills compared with their […]

Today, March 27, marks the 9th anniversary of “Black Marriage Day”. Black Marriage Day was founded in 2002 by Nisa Muhammad’s Wedded Bliss Foundation and is a day dedicated to cherishing and celebrating African American marriages. Families in over 300 communities in America participate in Black Marriage Day each year where there are events organized […]