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I love being married to my high school sweetheart King (Kamau) Rideaux and last October we Celebrated our 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary. We celebrate marriage in our community because of the devastationg  divorce rate family we have to do better and put the work in our relationships. God ordained marriage (Genesis 2: 18-24), and He united us and has blessed us and our union. Sisters I stayed still long enough for him to find me, Proverbs 18:22 and I was working as a new cashier in a grocery store going on 32 years ago. I watched how he treated his mother and sisters and through that God showed me how he would treat me as his wife. Thank you Father for loving me so much that you blessed me with a man that loves you and his wife as Christ love the church and Irespect and honor him as the head of our family, Ephesians5:22-33. Family do something special with your spouse and continue to let them know how much you love and appreciate them and continue to pray for each other and watch God move in your relationship for His glory and your benefit. I Luv U 2 Life Family continue to make it a great day and week ahead in Him. Always Nzinga