TMZ has reported that Nicki Minaj and Nas have amicably called it quits. Apparently, they ended things a few weeks ago “after the relationship ran out of steam” due to their long distance. And while there is no bad blood between the two, they won’t be hanging out as friends. Nas will be focusing on his business ventures, while Nicki […]

Looks like Brandy and Sir The Baptist have officially called it quits! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! According to Bossip, Brandy dumped Sir The Baptist because of shady secrets he kept, including having a baby mama and two kids. During an Instagram Live video fans inquired about where his girlfriend Brandy was and he responded, “I don’t know where […]

Tank says TGT is over for good and it’s all because Tyrese wants more money. Tyrese announced the group’s break up in December on IG that they would be moving on without Ginuwine. Tank recently gave fans hope that things could be worked out, but now it looks like the group is over for good. […]

The supergroup TGT, which consisted of Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank, has broken up. Tyrese announced it on Instagram yesterday and then Ginuwine responded.  Take a look. Meanwhile, Tank hasn’t said a word.  

Via BlackDoctor: Love is patient and love is kind.  But when it comes to letting go of someone your still in love with , Love Hurts!  Breaking up is hard to do and most of us need a little help moving on.  One thing I know for sure is time heals all wounds.   So, I […]

That’s a hard question because most women let it show but us men will act like we over it and truly we are not. Click here to read Who Recovers Faster from Heartbreak Men or Women

Have you ever use “It’s not you it’s me “or “I need to get myself right first “or maybe “I am so jealous of the person that’s going to get to marry you” all the time you are thinking that person could be you. This article give some great tips for breaking up so when […]

  Relationship Deal Breakers: Perfect Match, But HE Doesn’t Want Kids My worst fear at the age of 18 was to DIE WITHOUT HAVING KIDS. Period. It was clear to me; an innate thing that was uninfluenced by any outside sources or reality shows (there were no Housewives of Atlanta or Love and Hip Hop […]

Here are 14 etiquette tips to use when you are breaking up with someone — via BE SURE THAT IT’S WHAT YOU WANT Before you break up with your boyfriend, know that you are 100% sure that it’s what you want. Once you make the decision to break up with your man, there is no […]

  Nick Gordon confirmed via Twitter that he and Bobbi Kristina are finished.  Read more here…

So, I have a 5-month old baby, and the whole time I was pregnant I was  working while my boyfriend/baby daddy sat on his a**. By the time my baby was born I had stopped  working because I couldn’t afford a baby and child care on what I was making.  Shortly after that my car […]