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Relationship Deal Breakers: Perfect Match, But HE Doesn’t Want Kids

My worst fear at the age of 18 was to DIE WITHOUT HAVING KIDS. Period. It was clear to me; an innate thing that was uninfluenced by any outside sources or reality shows (there were no Housewives of Atlanta or Love and Hip Hop franchises back in 1998). I wasn’t afraid of public speaking (which is the number one fear people have in the world). I’m not afraid of insects or animals (I could kill a spider above my bed as Jill Scott would say). I have never been  afraid to travel abroad personally or professionally, in fact I’ve lived in four other cities outside of the Houston area including New York, Dallas, Cleveland and St. Louis.  The one thing I was afraid of, was dying without having kids.

Let’s get real.  The thought of FINALLY finding that special someone, I mean your absolute soul mate; the one who you’ve prayed to God, the stars, the sun and the moon above for, then finding out that they do not want children is heartbreaking. Here’s a story on dear Abby, about a 38-year-old woman who has been dating a 41-year-old man (her realized soul mate) for seven months and discovers that he does not want to have children.  Click Here to read the story. Which leads me to ask the question of ultimate compromise: What are your unshakable deal breakers?


Source: Yahoo News