As I considered a New Year message our listeners and fans, I reflected on one of my personal “laws of success.” “To have more, we must become more.” However, we are wasting our time striving for more if we are not grateful for what we now have. So take a few moments and reflect. Make […]

Mathew Knowles, has challenged Kelly Rowland to a battle of the girl groups. Kelly’s new show Chasing Destiny is about searching for a new girl group and Daddy Matty recently started a new girl group called Blushhh Music. He told Bossip, “I’m probably the only person who really gets this whole girl group thing down. There have been a lot of […]

Everyday we pass people maybe lending them only enough time to exchange a quick hello, or how you doin’, but how often do we acknowledge that beyond that people are really going through things and have their own story, trials and rough patches their trying to get through? This  women finds a unique way to […]

I want to ask you a question. How many of you have have ever thought about something you wanted to do and you talked you out of it? –Les Brown                                                        On this day, I will talk to my sons about something they want to do, and focus on all the ways they can bring themself […]


Once in a while, there are certain days that stick out as being especially trying. Today happens to suit that description, as this morning, walking through the crowds and the moving-sidewalk mentality of a big city was not working for me. When you feel like even the cashier is impatient as you pull coins out […]

          Apparently, Nick Cannon is still mad at Eminem for dissing his wife and now wants to challenge him to a charity boxing match. The things that men do for love. The love/beef triangle between Eminem, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey has been going on for what feels like way too […]