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Apparently, Nick Cannon is still mad at Eminem for dissing his wife and now wants to challenge him to a charity boxing match.

The things that men do for love.

The love/beef triangle between Eminem, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey has been going on for what feels like way too long. After Eminem addressed his alleged past relations with the current Mrs. Cannon on the unflattering “Bagpipes From Baghdad” off of 2009’s Relapse album, Nick Cannon fired his own shots courtesy of his blog in defense of his wife. Mariah also responded to Slim Shady via the song “Obsessed” and denied the two ever had any relationship. But then Eminem, being Eminem, blasted both Cannon and Carey on the scathing diss song “The Warning” and completely took the gloves off.

Cannon responded briefly via Twitter and then the issue appeared to be a done deal as many of us hoped it would just fade into obscurity.

But, for some reason that only Cannon knows, Mr. Carey waited an entire year to come out with his own dis record titled “I’m a Slick Rick” where he borrows Rick the Ruler’s flow and proceeds to blast Slim Shady over the “Teach Me How To Dougie” beat (weird, we know). In the song, Cannon claims that Eminem ducked him at this year’s BET Awards and that apparently pissed him off all over again.

But now, Cannon has taken the beef a step further by challenging Marshall Mathers to a charity boxing match. A fight? Really Nick?