Diddy has weighed in on the recent “King of R&B” debate. The mogul took to social media and shared his take on the conversation, where he said, “Heard we talking about some king sh*t and y’all know I usually mind my business, but R&B is the foundation of my life. And to be a king, that’s […]


Fox News Channel yesterday (March 16th) canceled the Republican presidential debate it was to host that was planned for next Monday (March 21st) in Utah after Donald Trump, and then Ohio Governor John Kasich, said they wouldn’t participate. Trump said on Fox News yesterday morning that he couldn’t attend the debate because he had a […]

The five remaining Republican presidential candidates are debating tonight (February 25th) here in Houston, the final debate before Super Tuesday on March 1st, when 11 states will cast their ballots. After Donald Trump’s big wins in the last three states, tonight might be the last chance for the other candidates, particularly Senators Marco Rubio and […]

The high school bully Donald J. Trump said yesterday that he is not going to participate in the Republican debate on Fox News because Megan Kelly is going to be the moderator and he didn’t like the questions that she asked him the last time. So, you don’t like something and you decide that you’re […]

Vote 2012

Tonight marks the final debate of the 2012 Presidential Election season. With each party claiming victory in the previous debates, this debate should be a no-holds-barred slobber knocker for all the marbles, or in this case, undecided voters. The good folks at CNN have compiled a list of things to watch for in tonight’s debate, […]

The chairmen of the Harris County Republican Party Jared Woodfill and Harris County Democratic Party Lane Lewis joined News 92 FM’s Dennis Spellman Wednesday morning…

President Obama is preparing for the second Presidential debate tonight in Virginia, while Mitt Romney is rehearsing in Boston. Tomorrow night’s debate will take place tomorrow night in New York, and can be heard in its entirety on our sister station, News 92 FM. Click here for more details.

source It’s not every day that the leader of a big business steps into a national debate that has the potential to offend many of its customers. But Dan Cathy, president of the popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A, has done just that, saying on a radio show that “we’re inviting God’s judgment on our […]


via: ROCHESTER, Mich. – Texas Gov. Rick Perry suffered from a severe case of brain freeze on stage at the ninth Republican presidential debate in Michigan on Wednesday night — forgetting which federal agencies he would cut if elected president. While answering a question about the federal tax code, Perry announced that he would eliminate […]

via: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has suggested that parents have their middle-school-aged daughters vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease closely linked to cervical cancer. Read More