Early Voting

  Early voting for the November 5th General Election began this week through November 1st. According to chron.com Houston voters will elect a mayor, 16 council  members and a controller along with voting on a package to gut the Astrodome. As Robert Washington mentioned, this is our “a-looky-here-button” aka the “say-mane” aka the “break-it-down” segment […]

According to KTRK ABC 13, Early voting begins today for the November 5 elections. This will be the first election during which you will be required to show a photo ID at the polls. Click here to see what forms of ID is accepted at your voting poll.

President Barack Obama called into our sister station Power 107.5 and answered the typical questions like why we need to vote, and what impact celebrities like Jay-Z have on the election.  But The President also answered the hard questions.  Like what is he going to get his daughters if he wins this election.  You won’t […]

Would you believe that people were in line to vote at 10 o’clock last night?  Way to hang in there people!  Read more:

Houston, TX – The Chief Election Officer of the County, Stan Stanart, announced today that Harris County voters set a new record for voting during the first day of Early Voting in person. 47,093 persons voted on Monday, shattering the November 2008 first day total of 39,201. “We had a record breaking first day of […]

Friday saw the end of Early voting for Tuesday’s primary runoffs after a flurry of activity.  Generally, Texans flocked to the polls in greater than expected numbers, due largely to the red-hot GOP race for the U.S.  Senate.  However, turnout was lighter on the Democrat side.  The Houston Chronicle has the details.  Read More:

Coming up on this weekend on Sunday Morning Live….. Former grand jurist Dwight Boykins and Vivian King (Host of  Truth In Justice) will discuss the importance of serving as a juror and serving on the grand jury.  They will also give an overview of the criminal justice system. National Cancer Survivor’s Day at MD Anderson […]

With municipal elections complete, early voting began Monday for Texas’ key primary races. Voters now have the opportunity to choose their party’s nominees after a…

As I contemplated my message to you for our celebration of Black History Month, the riff, melody and lyrics of James Brown’s “I’m Black and I’m Proud” song constantly came tomind. While the line “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud” is pretty clear, in 1968 it was a fresh and welcome message of a […]

Congressman Al Green (9Th TX) and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus are hitting the road to raise awareness about redistricting and new voter laws that could disenfranchise millions of Americans in 2012 and prevent them from casting ballots. EURWeb.com has the story.  Read More:

The last day of early voting in Texas saw a record turnout at area polls. Whether it was the gubernatorial election or the hotly-contested proposition votes, voters near River Oaks said they wanted to decide before everyone else shows up on Election Day. “I’m glad I got here today because I know on regular voting […]