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Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

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Tuesday is the first day of early voting for Texas’ midterm primary election. Although many people show up at the polls for presidential elections, the midterms are high stakes where positions such as Senate seats, governorships and more are up for grabs.

The primary election is important because it allows Texans the opportunity to choose which candidates will appear on the ballot come this November. When you go to the polls, you’ll encounter a list hopeful candidates for all of the state’s respective executive offices. The governor, the people who represent you in Austin as well as in Washington and so on. Everybody save for the President is on a ballot in 2018.

What is the key item you need for early voting? Here’s a quick tip sheet:

  • Correct ID: A Texas Drivers license is the default ID to vote but voters can also use their passport, military ID or even a concealed-carry handgun license. Even expired licenses that haven’t been renewed since 2014, the last mid-term election, qualify. Or, if you don’t have any of those forms of ID, you can still vote by signing an affidavit swearing you are who you say you are. That’s Texas for you.

Where Should I Go To Learn About The Candidates? Visit It’s the best resource for information on candidates that are statewide or congress or state senate or state representative.

Why Should You Vote? It matters. No matter what your political party affiliation. It is also the best way to show that YOU have a say in what laws get proposed and passed in Washington D.C. and Austin.

Remember, early voting begins today, February 20. The primary election for the state of Texas is in two weeks on March 6.

Voters can visit to get information on those particular entities.  For any other possible elections in other political subdivisions, voters can visit

Texas Early Primary Voting Calendar

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