Dr. Jennifer Mueller of Skidmore College and Dr. Glenn Bracey of Texas A & M University will join Marcus Davis on “Sunday Morning Live” on July 28 from 9 am to 11 am. We are continuing the conversation of “Where do we go from here?” by focusing on how we move forward as a people from […]

In historic move, L.A. raises minimum wage from $9 to $15.

How often have you heard it said that black Americans don’t support each other economically? It’s a common refrain in conversations around sociopolitical uplift for…

Via: defendernetwork.com During tough economic times, many people think they need to sacrifice passion and focus solely on earning money. From a spiritual perspective, this is the exact opposite approach to generating real abundance. Yes, paying your bills takes practical action. But it also requires an internal belief system powered by inspiration and passion. Without […]

The downgrade of U.S. is not the end of the world but it is the increase of hardships. The debt ceiling agreement already is weighing on the economy. What The Debt Ceiling Means To You In Plain English When the United States issues government bonds, they’re assigned a credit rating that reflects the risk of […]


Debt is a word I’m sure most Americans are well aware of. Whether it’s personal debt or the country’s national debt, it’s something that can’t be avoided. America’s debt is rising so fast that we are currently looking at our debt ceiling cracking. While there is no actual ceiling, these cracks are very real and a […]