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One issue not being addressed during the presidential debates by either Trump or Clinton is what needs to be done to foster job growth.

Despite growing up in a two-parent household and going to college, 28-year-old Darrell Ferguson (pictured, r, with Louisville mayor Greg Fisher)  found himself struggling to pay…

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You must make sure you read the fine print , Capital One’s rules state that a customer can be contacted by mail, phone even by “personal visit at your home or at your place of employment. You can relax the bank said they have the right but they wont be knocking at anyone’s door or showing […]


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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A campaign to promote new businesses and create jobs, bringing together government agencies and businesses such as Intel and IBM, was launched Monday by the Obama administration. The Startup America Partnership aims to support overall entrepreneurship — with a focus on high-growth, job-creating industries such as clean energy, medicine, advanced manufacturing […]