The singer has more issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

Who is REALLY to blame for the downfall of one of our most beloved Hip Hop groups of the 90’s- The Fugees? Wyclef Jean of The Fugees put out his memoir back in 2012, entitled “Purpose: An Immigrants Story” in which he for the first time ever, dishes out the true details of what happened […]

  Lauryn Hill sends a  message to Wyclef Jean. Read More:

Wyclef Jean wants you to know that he’s not the person behind the breakup of the Fugees or the reason why Lauryn Hill is now viewed as a little…odd. But he does share in his own words the story behind the group and the affair that contributed to its downfall. Read More  

Via Eurweb.com: Lauryn Hill gave a rare interview to National Public Radio’s Zoe Chace following her performance in Santa Rosa, Calif. over the weekend. The singer-rapper, known for her work with the Fugees and Grammy-winning solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” has been largely off the scene since 1999. She’s only released one album […]