A Kansas City, Missouri man is being honored for defending a bus driver under attack with his cane. Rodney Goldman was riding a bus when a man walked onto the bus and started attacking the female bus driver. CBS St. Louis reports: I was just screaming and screaming,” bus driver Lynn Judge said. “I didn’t […]


Anthony "T.J." Antell Jr. confronted Ricci Bradden after he witnessed the 22-year-old Army private shoot at the feet of his wife during an argument

A group of fathers from Lakewood Elementary in Dallas, Texas decided to donate a car to their local community crossing guard, Mr. Kent, who fail on hard times.  They surprised Mr. Kent by parking the car on the crosswalk and asked him to move it.  He initially told them no then one of the dads revealed that he […]


Jonathan Tureau was down on his luck after being robbed outside of his apartment in Houston, Texas. The thieves drove off with not only his…

A You Tube video that has gone viral has generated fierce debate on social media about whether or not it’s OK to intervene when a…

Via: NewOne.Com This mother needed and deserved the help and she got it thank God. Read the full story below.  Click Here


KHOU.com reports that a woman helping a disabled motorist on I-45 was stuck and killed. Read More